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Links You Need to Use

We will be using these links throughout the year.  I would recommend that you either bookmark my website or each of these links for easier access.

We'll use schoology.com to respond to discussion questions in a discussion board (similar to a blog) format.  You may also have quizzes or comprehension checks using this site.  You will get a class access code and will need to create an account.  We'll do this at the beginning of the year with our first discussion question.  

We'll use Study Island during the 2nd semester to review and practice for the upcoming state tests. Until then, you can play games or answer questions at the 6th grade level.  Study Island assignments for 7th grade must be completed within the time frame provided during the 2nd semester to earn credit. 

Homework, assignments, and some worksheets and handouts will be posted to ProgressBook.  You should check ProgressBook daily, especially if you are absent, in order to view what you missed and to check due dates.