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Under the Persimmon Tree Student Reference Packet packet and pre-reading activities are in a printable PDF format and linked at the bottom.  

During Reading: 
RSQ Requirements

Audio Versions of Each Chapter:
Each chapter will be read and recorded by Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Ashby. 
Chapters 1-5 will be read aloud in class.  Chapters 6-23 will be homework to read on your own.  If you need to listen to each chapter, please use the links below.  Just click on the chapter that you want to listen to. Podcasts are currently blocked while in the Middle School.  This is currently being worked on.  Podcasts will work if off school campus!

After Reading:
Glogster Theme Analysis Project (due Monday, December 17).
  • See below for the PDF of project requirements.
Character Comparison and Contrast Writing Response
  • Completed in class during the week of December 17.
  • Each written response will be worth 20 points.
  • Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Najmah and Nusrat will be collected for a 12 point grade.
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