Writing Resources and MLA Information

This document explains how to set up an assignment or essay in Modern Language Association (MLA) format.  

MLA Format

You can use the following links to assist you in writing
. Click on the blue links.

This is a great site for basic references to those "How do I do This" type of questions.  The site will give you information on how to create a Works Cited page as well as how to set up all writing assignments.

This is a quick way to check the grammar in your writing assignments.  It won't fix your errors for you, but it will help you identify your errors.  

Mrs. Moore made this video to show and explain how to set up your paper in MLA format.  Watch as many times as you need.  You'll use MLA formatting to set up all formal writing assignments and it should be applied to all assignments in all core classes when a worksheet is not being used.

This video explains that different types of plagiarism.  This is a worthwhile video to watch so you don't make these mistakes!

This video is designed around the Common Core standards and explains in detail how to write a thesis statement.

This video give a quick overview of what a thesis statement includes.

Thesis Video Review

Thesis Video

Writing a Hook

Writing a Hook

 Writing a Transition Sentence in your Intro Paragraph

Transition or Linking Sentence

Using Cornell Notes for taking notes

Cornell notes

Using Note Cards for Notes and Research

Taking Notes using an Outline